Doing Business in Scotland: Why It is Chosen

Doing Business in Scotland: Why It is Chosen
Doing Business in Scotland: Why It is Chosen

Many international companies have opened their representative offices in Scotland because of the fantastic opportunities available here. You can also try to open your own business here, of course all this is possible only after you have settled down to live here as well.

Are you familiar with the Outlanders phenomenon? I mean the movie "Anna and the Apocalypse" and the video game "Murderous Pursuits". In this case, you should definitely get acquainted with Blazing Griffin. Blazing Griffin, based in Glasgow, is the fantastic team responsible for all these amazing creations.

Scotland has recently grabbed the attention of the world thanks to the popularity of the TV series "Traveler", and it's easy to see why. Some of Scotland's most famous landmarks have served as filming locations, and the expertise of Scottish workers and businesses is usually vital to the overall success of the production and the outcome.

There are also a lot of businesses for sale Scotland.

To motivate yourself to set up your own business in Scotland, you can find out more about Blazing Griffin, a digital studio specialising in traditional and experimental game development, with a full-service film production and post-production background. The studio is headquartered in Glasgow and employs around fifty professionals who have helped the company achieve significant success. One of the company's latest projects, Anna and the Apocalypse, has just been sold to MGM Orion for wide distribution in the US.

The company's post-production departments manage international workflows for high-end TV and film producers from around the world, while developing their own product.

All of the above would not be so popular and relevant if it were not for Scotland's quality education, which guarantees success and future career security. Scotland's excellent education system provides a highly skilled workforce for a wide range of industries. Low living and operating costs complement the high quality of life in the countryside. All this attracts potential residents and workers from all over the world, including from the European Union.

castles in Glasgow Scotland
castles in Glasgow Scotland

Should you move to Scotland?

The real question is not whether to move to Scotland, because there are many advantages in other countries as well. Scotland has a large number of parks, a low crime rate and a high standard of living.

Eighty-three percent of Scots believe that if we had a choice to live in the UK or in our own country, we would choose Scotland. Almost a fifth of respondents in the same survey said they would never leave their current place of residence. There must be a good reason why, despite Scotland's fickle weather, its residents would not want to live elsewhere. Unlike the question "Should I move to Scotland?", the question "Which part of Scotland should I move to?" is more appropriate because of the many benefits and excellent quality of healthcare throughout the country.

Top Benefits of Scotland

Scotland offers a wide variety of environments and lifestyles, from the tranquility of the Highlands to the hustle and bustle of the central belt. A total of 24,000 Scots responded to the RightMove Home Happiness Index survey and their answers have helped to identify the top five places to live in Scotland. The top cities in Scotland are Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee, Falkirk and Inverness.

Design, manufacturing and life sciences have largely replaced traditional industries such as distilling and agriculture.

Only you know what is best for you, your family and your career. So decide for yourself!

Doing Business in Scotland: Why It is Chosen
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