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The reason why Livingston was so different from other towns and why it was so much better was because of the LDC's up keeping of the town as well as the planning and construction of it. Livingston was built around neighborhoods, and each neighborhood had its own schools, shops, health services, and other resources. This made Livingston superior to other towns. The town was planned to be divided:

  • into several districts;
  • each of which had convenient access to roads and pedestrian walkways.

Other convenient transportation links can be found in the south of the town at Murieston, which serves as a connection point for trains traveling between Scotland's two most populous cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The city of Edinburgh can be reached via the town of Bathgate thanks to the rail link that serves the area. Both offer convenient connections for commuting into the capital. Drivers have good access into and out of the town of Livingston as a result of Livingston's close connections to the M8 motorway, which passes through the northern part of the town. One of the reasons that Livingston was chosen as the location for the LDC is because of its location, which was one of the reasons that Cameron Iron Works, which is now known as Wyman and Gordon, was one of the first large companies to settle in the town. Other major corporations, such as Motorola, NEC, Sky, and Gore-Tex, have also set up shop in the city. These are just some of the largest companies to locate in the town.

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The local football team, Livingston F.C., formerly known as Meadow, is another way the town of Livingston promotes its name. The Edinburgh-based Bank Thistle football club was relocated to Livingston in 1993 by the Livingston Development Corporation and plays at a stadium that was purpose-built for the club on the banks of the Almond River. The very first rugby posts were four pine trees that were donated by the L.D.C. The team has recently been promoted and hosts rugby for people of all ages. The Livingston Rugby club has been in Livingston since the very first years of the town. It is located at the base of Craigshill.


With its two primary shopping centers, shopping is by far the most common activity associated with the city of Livingston. Almondvale was the first, then it was expanded with a phase two approximately seven years ago, and the New McAurthur Glen shopping center, which is only three years old, hosts a state-of-the-art shopping center with many shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and a state-of-the-art multiplex cinema. Almondvale was the first, then it was extended with a phase two approximately seven years ago. Around the two centers are a number of large shopping malls and shopping centers, including Homebase, Curry's, and the Asda superstore, which is the largest in Scotland. When it comes to shopping, Livingston is among the top locations in West Lothian, if not all of Scotland.

A true home

As a result of Livingston losing its new town status in 1996, the Livingston development corporation was dissolved and West Lothian Council was given control of the community. But what was discussed in this article only scratches the surface of what Livingston has to offer. But none of this would have been feasible if the Livingston development corporation hadn't done what it had done, which was to turn a field into a thriving community in such a short amount of time—just over 40 years—so that the people of Livingston could legitimately call Livingston their home.